Sam_Bass ,

This place by its apparent nature is so far less prone to the pollution those other guys allowed in

secret300 ,

There's just something about seeing users make posts on another instance from their own and the comments filled with users from different instances that makes me so happy. It makes Lemmy feel more like an actual front page of the Internet that can be used from anyone anywhere.

Atlas48 , avatar

Welcome back to alt.*.

pBaesse ,

So true 😍😍

itsnotits ,

and it's* starting to become

Dezzillion ,

It's so much better! RIP R word

stembolts ,

R word is an offensive phrase.

You gotta proxy it by saying "letter after Q word".

pewgar_seemsimandroid ,

article posting = notifications = shitloads if dopamine

(for just lemmy*)

andrew_s , avatar

Moist is down at the moment, so - in true Reddit fashion - maybe Lemmy just hugged it to death.

Ragdoll_X , avatar

I've always liked Kbin's design and funcionality more than Lemmy, but the latter is more popular and sometimes posts/comments won't load properly on Kbin, so I've stuck with Lemmy for now.

grrgyle , avatar

I go back and forth depending on my mood but yeah, I find lemmy a bit smoother

simple , (edited )

If you like Kbin's design you may enjoy Alexandrite, a frontend for Lemmy

DarkThoughts ,

I found the Lemmy frontends to be all kinda crappy and lacking in options.
Alexandrite for example aligns its content to the far left side of the screen, which is super annoying on a widescreen monitor, which are like almost all desktop monitors nowadays. It also does not show any NSFW / 18+ marked thumbnails, just some hyperlink symbol. Thumbnails are also very small and do not fill out their available space in compact mode like they do on kbin / mbin.

Shyfer , (edited )

Everyone in this thread is suggesting Mbin, so I might try that. Sounds like it's a fork of Kbin that actually solved a ton of its federation issues with Lemmy.

mephiska ,

I spend most of my time on now, one of the mbin forks.

Shyfer ,

Does it have a mobile app? That's the main way I use Lemmy now.

jwr1 , avatar

Yes, there's Interstellar.

DarkThoughts ,

What is it with the Google store that I constantly have to send the browser tab to my phone to then open the URL in the app to be able to find apps like this? If I try to search for them they simply don't show up.

Edit: Can't really login through Interstellar either...

jwr1 , avatar

Maybe because Google doesn't think it's popular enough, I've noticed that too though. The search does work if you search the app id directly though, like one.jwr.interstellar.

If you're trying to login to your fedia account, I've noticed that server doesn't seem to work (which is why it's not in the recommended instances section). It's probably an issue with how they setup the api (you'll notice other mbin instances work with interstellar just fine).

jwr1 , avatar

Maybe @jerry knows what's going on? Is it possible oauth client creation is restricted to admins on fedia?

jerry , avatar

I’ll check

jerry , avatar

Ok, I checked and creating new oauth clients is not restricted to administrators. I am trying to find a way to run interstellar so I can test and figure out what is wrong.

jerry , (edited ) avatar

Is there a port of interstellar to Linux or Windows? Unfortunately I don’t have any android devices to test with.

Edit: never mind. I found them

jerry , avatar

ok - I was able to find and fix the problem. it should work now.

jwr1 , avatar

That's great! I'll add it to the recommended instances section once I get a change.

owenfromcanada , avatar

Damn, Louisiana got a whole fleet of orphan crushing machines.

SkaveRat ,

I still miss some features that RES provided.

Especially draging images to resize them is a feature I use all the time

the_post_of_tom_joad ,

Good i miss that too. Have you tried something like hoverzoom to fill the gap? That's what i did anyway and it works for all sites not just reddit. It feels like a core browser functionality to me now

threelonmusketeers ,

Does your instance have a mlmym interface? If not, you should ask your admins to add it.

It's not the full RES, but it at least gives you the "old reddit" format. Most of the large instances have it, like and

DarkThoughts ,

That's for Lemmy...

Aatube , avatar

Too bad for Louisiana

Desistance , (edited ) avatar

It really is. But it's the textbook result of Democrats not voting.

17% of registered voters actually voted for Governor and the Landry got in on 11%. It's the same across nearly all disticts which has more registered Democrats than Republicans.

People are so disenfranchised and uninformed that they don't even bother.

intensely_human ,

It's either democrats not voting or it's votes being counted wrong. We don't want to face that possibility because it seems hopeless, but that kind of thing can happen. We really need to have more robust systems for ensuring vote counts are correctly reported, verifiable by everyone. Something similar to how monero does its thing without revealing identities but still providing the ability to verify transactions, we should have a voting system that cryptographically allows a person to confirm their vote was counted, without having to provide the ability for others to see what that vote was. There's got to be some kind of algorithm that does this

sabreW4K3 , avatar

More functional how? I'm always interested in how people perceive things and what they look for, after all, it's the people that make places good and so it's important to understand them.

ilinamorato ,

I don't know what OP noticed in particular, but I immediately saw the interface collating other posts with the same URL as super helpful in making the Fediverse feel more contiguous.

sabreW4K3 , avatar

That's a good feature for sure.

DarkThoughts ,

Can be annoying if there's a page that gets updated under the same URL though.

adam , avatar

If only k/mbin federated better - I'd be all over it :(

BentiGorlich , avatar

Did you actually try mbin? Because we fixed a huge number of federation issues kbin had/has. Sure a bunch still need to be worked on, but we do our best and improve it with every release

fishos , (edited ) avatar

Not a fan of Melroy(mbin founder). They claim to have been a dev for Lemmy and kbin. Then when they didn't get the control they wanted, started their own instance. When that didn't take off, he ranted very publically once again about how the current team he was "working with" sucked and how he was the only true savior of the fediverse. Then he started mbin, which he named after himself(Melroy Bin).

His entire attitude has been "fuck you, I'm taking my ball and going home if you don't listen to me" from the start.


BentiGorlich , avatar

well I am an active mbin contributor and cannot confirm any of that. He never tried to contribute to lemmy as far as I know and trying to contribute to kbin is just a big disappointment (I've been there as well). As for the name, personally I don't care. It is just how it is and nowhere does it say "this is melroys bin" or something like that...

If you don't want to get involved that is fine, but the rumors around him are basically all false...

Aatube , (edited ) avatar

how the current team he was "working with" sucked

Because the maintainer "team" was one person who had health issues and did not commit or merge PRs for months??? What's your problem?

Also, mbin's governance is a constantly shifting group of ten people or so. Their announcement motto was "we'll merge every single PR". How does that align with your dictatorial expectations?

pop ,

Their announcement motto was "we'll merge every single PR".

That's how we got xz backdoor. Don't go around exaggeratingly claiming everything you don't like is dictatorial

FfaerieOxide , avatar

Then he started mbin, which he named after himself(Melroy Bin).

Oh What? Gross.

adam , avatar

I've not tried it but have been keep tabs.

The two main problems appear to still be ongoing PRs/issues; magazine/community sidebar content doesn't update and doesn't federate out at all to lemmy, and moderation actions don't federate at all (any of the various types) - which is particularly problematic.

BentiGorlich , avatar
  • I've modified my comment in #248 because it needs investigating and if it is not working than it needs to be fixed/added
  • #694 is mostly done

Both of which are only relevant for magazines/communities hosted on mbin instances. But yes we still do lack moderation features. I am working on it (as you can see the issue and PR are authored by me), but there is just still a lot to do in various different regions

Diplomjodler3 ,

Is it supported by any app?

BentiGorlich , avatar

Only interstellar afaik

Shyfer ,

Is that for Android or Apple?

BentiGorlich , avatar


ripcord , avatar

Android it looks like

DarkThoughts ,

I used kbin for a while and now mbin for quite some time. I primarily use the desktop website but one thing I noticed from when I tested some Lemmy mobile clients is that I saw a lot more different lemmynsfw communities & consequently threads, like a lot more.
What I don't know is if this is just a case of this particular instance, or if it is just more noticeable because of the content. kbin was even worse and barely showed ANY content from that instance, mbin was significantly more when I switched, which surprised me. But if we compare for example (pulled from the instance's frontpage):

We get a 404 on mbin. You can repeat this for a lot of communities there with the same result. If you search for this or other "invisible" communities in the Magazine search, then they also don't show up there at all:

If this is the case with other instances then I feel there's potentially a lot of active communities & threads that we aren't even aware of, but also potentially more fringe instances & communities.

BentiGorlich , avatar

On both you have to search for a magazine handle (magazine@instance.tld) if the magazine is not yet on the server. And not the magazine search but the regular search. It can of course be blocked by the instance, but most likely just nobody searched for it before.
Most mbin instances are very small and even fedia only has like 4000 total users... Therefore not that many magazines/communities have been pulled in, yet...

DarkThoughts ,

Seems like you're right. I tried it before without the actual domain ending in the magazine search which didn't work. I wish behavior like this and other stuff would be documented somewhere? Like, I still don't know what's the best way to universally link to communities / magazines or users that would work across the fediverse so that they continue using whatever platform they're on.

BentiGorlich , avatar

Yeah our user documentarion could need some inprovements. Though I doubt a lot of users would actually look at it....

The best way to link communuties is with the !community which works on lemmy and Mbin, but not on kbin (I think)

jerry , avatar

It’s because I blocked lemmynsfw after it was reported for the 746272635th time.

DarkThoughts ,

You blocked it because people constantly (I assume troll-) reported it? That doesn't seem like a good practice, especially when we have all the Tankie instances (, lemmygrad, hexbear, etc.) federated. Are there other blocked instances?

jerry , avatar

I was mistaken - lemmynsfw isn't bblocked. There are only 3 blocked:,, Are you proposing that, lemmygrad, and hexbear get the block?

jwr1 , avatar

Just curious, what was the reason for blocking those first three instances?

jerry , avatar is/was sending malformed messages that caused this the queue runners to crap out. The others were for persistent harassment of one of our trans members.

DarkThoughts ,

I personally wouldn't mind blocking those three specific ones but others obviously might disagree. I tried giving the benefit of a doubt for a while but especially the worldnews community just seems disinformation & insults from the same accounts while the mods don't care or even actively work the same agenda.

I think what would be great is if we could block entire instances ourselves. Right now I am manually blocking all communities that pop up from those three instances, which is tedious. There is an URL for instances (Example:, which even features the block button, but it simply does not work in blocking the actual content or even users of said instance. It would be cool if that was an actual feature and a link to the community's or user's instance available within the sidebar.

Novice_Idiot ,

Yeah, lemmy has become really good lately. It's generally better than Reddit these days. I tried it a year ago and it was still quiet here, now I see posts with 2000+ upvotes

pennomi ,

The only thing Reddit still has is certain very active niche communities, but we do great on the more general stuff.

kernelle ,

As someone who used reddit for 14+ years, this place feels exactly like early Reddit, a place where you actually can converse with anyone and contribute instead of yelling into the void. Realistically we will always have both, but many more will join the verse everytime Reddit has an oopsie.

stembolts ,

Narwhal, bacon, midnight, dick butt, le, doggo.

The real question, when we enter ^ this era of Lemmy, how many years of prison is appropriate for the above genre of jokes?

kernelle ,

Lmao beans fit that list, we can cringe about it all we want now but at the time we're building community.

stembolts , (edited )

Truth. Still. Prison.

At least public flogging.

kernelle ,


▲     ▲

Riven , avatar

Don't forget jeans. We're almost there.

blackwateropeth ,

This. /s

But yea I agree it’s a pretty solid community aside from a few overly aggressive contrarians

nilloc ,

We even have our own annoying group of brigade-ers.

I’ll see myself out.

oce , avatar

The sheer coverage of every subject on Reddit is crazy. Yesterday I was getting infuriated at a stupid plot in the 3 Body Problem, so I ddged it, and of course I found 3 Reddit threads sharing my frustrations. What a shame it has to get enshitified.

WildPalmTree ,

Upvoted because "ddged". Wonderful. 😊

danc4498 ,

What dat?

iknowitwheniseeit ,


oce , avatar


stembolts ,

Good alternative search engine, have to use a bit of traditional search engineering sometimes, but to me that's a good thing, feature not a bug.

It can't find everything, think of it as an extra tool in the toolbox. Having selection between search engines is a good thing. Don't want just one monolithic source of information.

neutron ,

It helps that Reddit along with other big platforms like FB absorbed all the traffic that in the old days would have been distributed into small separate forums. Not good for the ecosystem.

Rentlar ,

Internet ecosystem is a great term, it was put well in an article someone shared on slrpnk:

Wiz ,

Thanks for the link. That's an interesting community!

Ashtear , avatar

We're doing our best!

If you're in a niche community, don't be afraid to put some content out there. Niche communities are generally so happy to see any conversation. The amount of criticism/downvoting I've seen on topics in slow communities has been very low.

fidodo ,

I think Lemny needs to be pitched to more independent communities as a way to provide a forum to their members while being connected to the rest of the Internet. For example, game developers should make lemmy instances for their game communities so they can host a forum and not be subjected to the whims of Reddit. Non profits and guilds as well.

HeyJoe ,

I agree, I only came here in July after they finally followed through with pulling the plug on 3rd party apps. This place has grown a lot in 1 year. Still needs more communities for the smaller hobbies, plus less memes and political content, and it would be perfect. 99% of everyone I talk with here is super nice and helpful as well.

Rolando ,

If we can't meme, I don't want to be part of the revolution.

(that's a joke, based on something emma goldman kind of said)

AlolanYoda ,

I'm so glad to hear other people with the same opinion! Everywhere I go I see people complaining about the negativity and toxicity here and I'm like... Where? I've had nothing but positive interactions. I'm really happy reddit went through the API fiasco because I'm having a better time here than in late stage reddit.

Flax_vert ,

It's not any more toxic than Reddit honestly.

Akasazh , avatar

It's very easy to filter by blocking out certain instances

JackbyDev ,

As if Reddit was free of toxic interactions lol

Skepticpunk ,

The existence of /r/Jailbait, /r/GreatApes, and /r/[N-slur] testify to this.

Makeshift ,

Individual instances and frontends might have something to do with it. People saying they see a ton of NSFW and have to block so many communities, but at on Voyager I haven’t seen any of that.

It’s simultaneously open yet curated at the same time and that’s pretty neat!

Eyck_of_denesle ,

A lot of the times it's just people with bad opinions that are mad that they keep getting downvoted. I've seen so many zionist accounts comment under these "lemmy is bad" posts. Even in disagreements the comments are most of the time informative and constructive here.

Beaver , avatar

Gotta really hand it to the Lemmy devs, third party devs and server maintainers.

lemmyreader ,


threelonmusketeers ,

What interface is this? Looks interesting.

ada , avatar


runswithjedi ,

I noticed it said "Moist" at the top left, perhaps it is ?

DeadWorld ,

I was interested in the format then saw the name. I just cant deal with the name

can ,

There are other mbin instances

originalucifer OP Admin ,
originalucifer avatar

haha i might as well ask people if they like pineapple on pizza.. its a love/hate thing for 'moist'. i picked it purposefully as unmarketable.

catsweat is a 'Bloom County' reference

RobotToaster , avatar

Following the link from there it seems to be Mbin

highduc ,

I also noticed that. Not sure what it means but I found it funny :D

BentiGorlich , avatar

Nope, that is mbin :)

originalucifer OP Admin ,
originalucifer avatar

im running an mbin instance

darakan ,

What are the differences between Lemmy and Mbin?

ripcord , (edited ) avatar

Totally different implementations of activitypub servers, for one thing.

Kbin/mbin were also designed to try to support both interfacing with micro blogging (as in Mastodon and a few others) and with Threads (as in Lemmy and a couple others).

It's pretty good overall, and I started on kbin, but I've found myself using Lemmy instead for a while, mostly because of better clients on mobile. And a handful of technical/design issues on kbin that were annoying me (although some have been improved since)

Mbin is a close fork of Kbin.

DarkThoughts ,

Case in point, here's the Microblog section for this particular community:

jimmy90 ,

Kbin/mbin were also designed to try to support both interfacing with micro blogging (as in Mastodon and a few others) and with Threads (as in Lemmy and a couple others).

i wish Lemmy would do same

rickyrigatoni ,

Mastodon posts are so painful to read here.

ripcord , avatar

I still don't get why people are into them at all

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