Leopards Ate My Face

Anti-choice Idaho hospital closed maternity ward as state loses 22% of obgyns, 55% of maternal-fetal medicine specialists, and pregnancy rates plummet ( coloradonewsline.com )

A hospital in a rural area outside of Idaho’s capital city of Boise closed its labor and delivery and neonatal intensive care units April 1, citing declining birth rates and staffing issues. West Valley Medical Center is the third facility to close its maternity services in Idaho since the state enacted a near-total abortion...

Woman is filmed assaulting a girl. Calls police to complain about being in a viral video. Gets arrested for behavior seen in the video. ( uk.news.yahoo.com )

George Frey/Getty ImagesA woman in Utah who was dubbed a “Karen” after video of her losing it over a young woman wearing a miniskirt went viral has been charged with sexual battery in connection with the incident. Ida Ann Lorenzo, 48, allegedly pulled down the woman’s mini skirt as she complained that it was too small and...

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