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Syphilis Is Killing Babies. The U.S. Government Is Failing to Stop the Disease From Spreading. ( www.propublica.org )

Last June, Pfizer, the lone U.S. manufacturer of the injections, notified the Food and Drug Administration of an “impending stock out” that it anticipated would last a year. The company blamed “an increase in syphilis infection rates as well as competitive shortages.”...

Recommendations for the smelliest, most loved by cats fish oil? ( sopuli.xyz )

So many fish oils for pets are made to smell like almost nothing so owners don’t find the smell offensive, but my cats turn up their noses to it. Lily (bottom 2 pics) starts pawing at the floor and walls as if she’s trying to cover up some shit in the litter box, even though she is food obsessed. Her favorite thing in the...

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