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South Korea says to start legal action against doctors over walkout ( www.reuters.com )

SEOUL, March 4 (Reuters) - South Korea's health minister said on Monday authorities will start inspecting hospitals in order to take legal action against trainee doctors who have ignored an ultimatum to end a walkout over government plans to increase medical school admissions....

German defense minister said leaked audio is part of Russia’s ‘information war’ against West ( apnews.com )

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Germany’s defense minister on Sunday described Russia’s leak of a conversation by ranking German military officers to be part of Russia’s “information war” against the West, and that the aim was to create discord within Germany....

Netanyahu rival’s visit to U.S. highlights cracks within Israel’s wartime leadership ( apnews.com )

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rebuked a top Cabinet minister heading to Washington on Sunday for talks with U.S. officials, according to an Israeli official, signaling widening cracks within the country’s leadership nearly five months into its war with Hamas....

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