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Syphilis Is Killing Babies. The U.S. Government Is Failing to Stop the Disease From Spreading. ( www.propublica.org )

Last June, Pfizer, the lone U.S. manufacturer of the injections, notified the Food and Drug Administration of an “impending stock out” that it anticipated would last a year. The company blamed “an increase in syphilis infection rates as well as competitive shortages.”...

Opinions of the Court - 2023 ( www.supremecourt.gov )

This case raises the question whether the States, in addition to Congress, may also enforce Section 3. We conclude that States may disqualify persons holding or attempting to hold state office. But States have no power under the Constitution to enforce Section 3 with respect to federal offices, especially the Presidency....

Trillions of gallons leak from aging drinking water systems, further stressing shrinking US cities ( apnews.com )

For generations, the water infrastructure beneath this southern Alabama city was corroding, cracking and failing — out of sight and seemingly out of mind — as the population shrank and poverty rose. Until it became impossible to ignore....

Minnesota Dems Push to Repeal School Ban on Restraint That Killed George Floyd ( www.the74million.org )

Nearly four years after George Floyd suffocated to death while being pinned face down to the pavement by a police officer, Minnesota Democrats are fast-tracking legislation that would undo a less-than-year-old ban prohibiting school-based cops from using that same type of restraint on students....

Texas prosecutor disciplined for allowing murder charge against woman who self-managed an abortion ( www.texastribune.org )

Starr County District Attorney Gocha Ramirez reached a settlement with the State Bar of Texas following an investigation. Ramirez agreed to pay a $1,250 fine, and his license will be held in a probated suspension for one year, ending on March 31, 2025....

France enshrines 'freedom' to abortion in Constitution, in world first ( www.lemonde.fr )

A joint session of Parliament voted to adopt a constitutional reform to protect the 'freedom of women to voluntarily terminate a pregnancy, which is guaranteed.' The move was designed as a response to the US Supreme Court overturning the federal right to abortion in 2022....

JetBlue, Spirit Airlines call off $3.8 bln merger on antitrust hurdle ( www.reuters.com )

March 4 (Reuters) - Low-cost air carriers JetBlue Airways (JBLU.O), opens new tab and Spirit Airlines (SAVE.N), opens new tab canceled their $3.8-billion merger agreement on Monday, seeing no path forward after a U.S. judge blocked the deal in January on anti-competition concerns....

Mark Dodson, famous for ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Gremlins,’ dead at 64 after suffering ‘massive heart attack’ ( pagesix.com )

Dodson voiced Jabba the Hutt's little pet, Salacious B. Crumb, and also mogwai and gremlins in the movies Gremlins and Gremlins 2, but not Gizmo as the picture in the article would make you think. That was Howie Mandel....

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