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georgetakei , to random
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And those air filters in your house, too!

VonVoelksen ,
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@georgetakei Air-Filters? This is a US-thing, isn't it?

wsrphoto ,
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@georgetakei Or the filter over your stove.

BigAngBlack , to BlackMastodon
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Trump supporters target black voters with faked "AI" images


> Faked images of black voters with are a growing disinformation trend in the US election, the BBC finds.


Generated image of Trump with black men, captioned "fake"

Teop_Versant ,
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@Okanogen @BigAngBlack @blackmastodon @BlackMastodon The politicians and mass media assume Black people lack social intelligence, not true.

chog9 ,
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@Teop_Versant @Okanogen @BigAngBlack @blackmastodon @BlackMastodon meg thee stallion vs rosa parks oiled up twerk off, who you pickin

ajsadauskas , to fuck_cars
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Some good news for anyone who loves RMTransit's public transport explainer videos, but doesn't like Google and YouTube.

Looks like @RM_Transit now has an account on PeerTube here, which you can follow from Mastodon: @reece

(If you're the first to follow the account from your instance it will initially appear empty. Videos will start appearing in your feed after you follow.)


Rentlar ,

Awesome news. I'm trying to get to the channel !transit through my Lemmy instance but it's not working yet.

autism101 , to actuallyautistic
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Let’s talk tags on clothing. I hate them and they annoy me to no end. And even if I cut them off, the tiny bit remaining always manages to touch me and I hate it. 😩

Do tags bother you?


image: unknown

darwinwoodka ,
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@autism101 @actuallyautistic hate tags and cut them out, and yes, the bits annoy me.

alexisbushnell ,
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@punishmenthurts @nddev @autism101 @actuallyautistic oh yes, now that I hard relate to!

andrew , to evs
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Ford launches website to request a free adapter for existing Ford EV owners to use Tesla Supercharger stations



Ranvier ,

Understandable, but NACS is the new charging standard, and other chargers will begin using it as well, so it would be good to have the adapter. Newer evs models from other companies are switching to it too. There should start being some charging options with NACS that aren't tesla run chargers starting later this year.

BombOmOm ,
@BombOmOm@lemmy.world avatar

NACS is the north American charging standard. If you have an electric car, that is the plug to have. Remember, you can still use the old CCS chargers, they won't complain. You will just increasingly have issues finding a working one (which was already a problem and was a major reason NACS became the standard).

Tij , to random


Tij OP ,

@straw @mutualaid @TURBORETARD9000 @degen @a7 @mint well hes a self proclaimed one

straw ,
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@Tij @mutualaid @TURBORETARD9000 @degen @a7 @mint and i'm god nigga you better listen to me

georgetakei , to random
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But why?

number6 ,
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  1. Because you are a cartoon character
  2. There would be no months, and you would have no birthday.
  3. The same place as lost socks
  4. Ask me when you're older.
  5. It's actually a secret language. Wink wink. Nudge nudge. See 4.
catmisgivings ,
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@georgetakei this is so pure

firefly , to programmerhumor
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Whatever is Clever Public License

Do whatever is clever. Do as you wish with this product.

Do whatever is clever shall be the whole of the law.



Carighan ,
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Well this is /c/programminghumor, I would assume mostly it's meant as a joke.

pixelscript ,

There are really only three licenses you should ever consider when making a new project in earnest: GPL if you want it to stay free forever, MIT if you don't care. Put an L in front of GPL if your project is a library. The end.

Any CC license including CC0 looks fine on paper, and they are court-tested, but anyone with a legal department won't risk dealing with one in the context of software, because CC licenses are for creative works and scientific research, not software. The main thing they're missing is a warranty release.

The Unlicense feels like an earnest attempt to fill the void that CC0 fails to fill, but it isn't a tested license. Everyone with a lawyer won't touch it with a 10 foot pole because they don't want to be the ones to find out how enforceable it really is. Besides, the only thing it gains you over the MIT is the ability to go uncredited. Which is nice feature; if people didn't want this we wouldn't have so many attempts to make a license that has it. But I feel like of all the features of a free software license one should be concerned about, explicit lack of credit is a pretty low-rung one.

Direct public domain insertion is good and effective, but is not global. Many places in the world have no formal legal system to do this (Germany is a famous example). PD dedication without a permissive fallback license makes your code completely unusable in these places. It's exactly why the CC0 and Unlicense exist in the first place.

Every single other license is either a meme license not worth the toilet paper it's written on, a weaker version of the GPL/MIT, or the GPL/MIT with extra steps.

georgetakei , to random
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ipd ,
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Is it a leap of fate?
Who doesn’t want kush’n at the end of their careers with a golden pair o shoes?

darwinwoodka ,
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anyone with "thousands of pairs of sneakers" is a fucking ass anyway.

oysta , to random
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As seen on Bluesky

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  • realcaseyrollins , to moviesandtv
    xyzzy ,

    O’Brien, who built a national profile last year with a threat to strike at UPS, was more combative.

    “We have a message for the white collar crime syndicates known as the studios,” he said. “When you fuck with the Teamsters, or any other union, it’s a full contact sport. Put your helmets on and buckle your chin straps.”

    theautisticcoach , to actuallyautistic
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    How do my Autigender comrades explain it to others?


    Dr_Obvious ,

    @punishmenthurts @theautisticcoach @actuallyautistic Colors are neither male nor female, high heels are if anything uncomfortable.

    I never got why so few see it like me and all others treat that stuff so important. I guess, it's because I am autistic.

    punishmenthurts ,
    @punishmenthurts@neurodifferent.me avatar

    @Dr_Obvious @theautisticcoach @actuallyautistic
    yeah, that, do what you like, of course.

    lifewithtrees , to actuallyautistic
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    Travelling for a week for work is exhausting. It leaves me feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated, and burnt out. Like a sponge wrung out.

    I get home and am irritable and mean and asking for space to decompress is taken as a personal slight that I don’t like someone, when it’s only that I need to calm my body down and have no expectations on me.

    I love this person very much but don’t know how to manage this part of work travel.

    What might others suggest?

    lifewithtrees OP ,
    @lifewithtrees@mstdn.social avatar

    @abreaction @lifewithtrees @actuallyautistic exactly that. And it also throws routines out of whack. Are you still travelling or did you end up looking for other work?

    abreaction ,
    @abreaction@mastodon.world avatar

    @lifewithtrees @actuallyautistic

    Yes, it always took me a week to feel normal again after getting back. Not to mention many lost weekends.

    I changed work around so that I was traveling less. It's something you can negotiate whenever you get a new job also.

    Sci_Fi_FanGirl , to actuallyautistic German
    @Sci_Fi_FanGirl@hessen.social avatar

    How I know I'm currently close to meltdown/shutdown:

    • I feel itchy all the time
    • I'm quite irritable
    • fingers look bad (sores from scratching and biting)
    • rejection sensitivity is increased
    • tired and exhausted
    • everything is too loud/bright/smelly
    • verbal communication is increasingly difficult
    • increase in zoning out

    I'm in desperate need of a real break, but work is piling up. Had a very good day yesterday, but was obviously not enough to recharge sufficiently.


    innervisioner ,
    @innervisioner@mastodonapp.uk avatar

    @Sci_Fi_FanGirl @actuallyautistic Argh, that sounds a tough environment. But yeah a would definitely suggest a word with some higher-up who’s vaguely sympathetic to staff stress; might be a good time to explain you’re near getting that certificate but need the support now. 🤞

    hopeluminous ,
    @hopeluminous@weirder.earth avatar

    @Sci_Fi_FanGirl @librarianknight @actuallyautistic

    Same here! I mean, it was always the case, even when I had no skin condition that was visible. Now it's almost logical my nerve ends would overreact when under stress, but it has always been that way, from early childhood on.

    BBCRD , to news
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    From BBC Press Office:

    New technology to show why images and video are genuine launches on BBC News.

    ‘Content credentials’ feature means visitors to the BBC News site will now see a ‘how we verified this’ button underneath images and videos on BBC Verify content.


    | @BBC_News_Labs

    anomnomnomaly ,
    @anomnomnomaly@mastodonapp.uk avatar

    @BBCRD @BBC_News_Labs

    But the BBC, still block anyone from using a VPN on their site, regardless of whether they have a TV license or not... because how dare people try to stop invasion of their privacy by an organisation they pay to access but can't.

    Why exactly should I pay for a license at all? You won't let me watch anything

    Roundtrip ,
    @Roundtrip@federate.social avatar

    @BBCRD @BBC_News_Labs 🧵

    “The [technical Content Credentials] standard comes from a consortium called Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity, or C2PA, which was co-founded in 2019 by BBC Research & Development – alongside other members including Adobe and Microsoft… Google recently became a member of the C2PA steering board, and Facebook and OpenAI have made commitments to use the free, open standard to publish content on their platforms.”


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