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European Commission wants Ukraine to join bloc’s defence industry support scheme, which would also help use the country’s expertise and bring Kyiv closer to EU membership ( www.euractiv.com )

One of the three goals of the European Defence Investment Programme (EDIP) proposal is the step “contributing to the recovery, reconstruction and modernisation of the Ukrainian defence technological and industrial base and progressive integration into the European, thereby contributing to mutual stability, security, peace,...

Why was Dr. M'Benga Demoted?

When we first see Dr. M'Benga (chronologically), he is the Enterprise's chief medical officer. When we see him again, he is still on the Enterprise, but working under Dr. McCoy's command and, if he was on the ship at the time, under Dr. Piper's command as well (Dr. Piper was CMO in Where No Man Has Gone Before)....

Minnesota Dems Push to Repeal School Ban on Restraint That Killed George Floyd ( www.the74million.org )

Nearly four years after George Floyd suffocated to death while being pinned face down to the pavement by a police officer, Minnesota Democrats are fast-tracking legislation that would undo a less-than-year-old ban prohibiting school-based cops from using that same type of restraint on students....

Man wrongly accused in Kansas City Chiefs’ victory parade shooting weighs defamation suit, demands Missouri senators apologize ( missouriindependent.com )

In the chaos, Loudermill was grabbed by police and handcuffed. Police told him he was detained because he was taking too long to clear the area of the shooting, Loudermill said....

Allen Weisselberg, Ex-Trump Org. CFO, to plead guilty to perjury charges ( www.cnn.com )

The former chief financial officer of the Trump Organization is expected to plead guilty to perjury charges on Monday related to testimony he gave in a civil investigation into the real estate company’s finances, a person familiar with the investigation said.

Texas prosecutor disciplined for allowing murder charge against woman who self-managed an abortion ( www.texastribune.org )

Starr County District Attorney Gocha Ramirez reached a settlement with the State Bar of Texas following an investigation. Ramirez agreed to pay a $1,250 fine, and his license will be held in a probated suspension for one year, ending on March 31, 2025....

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