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European Commission wants Ukraine to join bloc’s defence industry support scheme, which would also help use the country’s expertise and bring Kyiv closer to EU membership ( www.euractiv.com )

One of the three goals of the European Defence Investment Programme (EDIP) proposal is the step “contributing to the recovery, reconstruction and modernisation of the Ukrainian defence technological and industrial base and progressive integration into the European, thereby contributing to mutual stability, security, peace,...

European action plan to acquire ammunition for Ukraine takes shape ( www.euractiv.com )

Several separate and parallel initiatives — the EU-led ammunition plan, a Czech-led bulk ammunition purchase and a series of bilateral security deals between Ukraine and individual Western countries — should ship at least 700,000 shells over the next couple of months....

Undermining Ukraine: How Russia widened its global information war in 2023 ( www.atlanticcouncil.org )

Western sanctions applied in the wake of the initial invasion disrupted Russia’s ability to reach some European audiences with its state-sponsored media outlets. But Russia has since adjusted its information operations to focus more on social media; in addition to attacking Western public support to fund Ukraine’s defense,...

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