Does the USA have any open market cellular options that are legitimate pay-as-you-go and only for what you use options like Europe yet?

I've lived under a rock for 10 years. I did Metro ages ago while most were still on contracts. Surely we've reached true capitalist open market freedom by now. Is it still total closed market, noncompetitive, privateering corruption?

[US] I'm hesitating launching my own business because I'd lose health insurance for my family. What are my options?

I have everything pretty much ready to launch full time. Time, skills, customers, support from family. But I'd leave my current job behind and with it my family's health insurance for the foreseeable future. I can't afford any of the options I've seen. It's the one thing holding me back. Any ideas for affordable health insurance...

Do you have a more complicated shell history scheme than the distro default?

I've used distrobox more and more and am at the point where I need to start saving and integrating history differently. Or like, when I'm installing and building something complicated, I need to start saving that specific session's history. I am curious what others might be doing and looking for simple advice and ideas.

Any suggestions for cheap but decent laptops for coding?

I'm currently learning how to code (currently Python, then maybe JavaScript), but I'm not always around my desktop, and learning on my phone is not always an option (also, it can be quite cumbersome at times). Therefore, I'm looking into purchasing a laptop just for learning how to code and stuff....

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