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A War on Blue America. In a second term, Trump would punish the cities and states that don’t support him ( www.theatlantic.com )

During his term in the White House, Donald Trump governed as a wartime president—with blue America, rather than any foreign country, as the adversary. He sought to use national authority to achieve factional ends—to impose the priorities of red America onto Democratic-leaning states and cities. The agenda Trump has laid out...

StarTrek.website has updated to Lemmy version 0.19.3 (Clear cache/cookies in browser or remove+re-add account in app if experiencing login issues)

We had been waiting at 0.18.5 for a while because 0.19 came with some federation bugs (and obviously it would be extremely embarrassing if this instance had issues in that department)....

'No support for Ukraine and its army': PepsiCo restricts mentions of war in its PR ( b4ukraine.org )

When looking for a new advertising/PR agency in Ukraine in autumn 2023, PepsiCo made it a condition for a potential partner to exclude any mention of the war, or support for Ukraine and its army in future communications, according to a brief seen by B4Ukraine.

The tech sector is pouring billions of dollars into AI. But it keeps laying off humans ( edition.cnn.com )

The tech sector is pouring billions of dollars into AI. But it keeps laying off humans::The tech sector has kicked off the new year with a spate of fresh job cuts that are coming at the same time as the industry is doubling down on investments into artificial intelligence.

Alternative github frontends?

Github has become more bloated, slower and more user-hostile with each update (just like all other big corp platforms). SPA navigation slow like hell, the "new" file viewer/browser is hardly usable in my opinion, code search does not work without login, etc. So are there any good alternative FE where the following work (read...

North Korea launches a suspected intermediate-range ballistic missile that can reach distant US bases ( apnews.com )

North Korea fired a suspected intermediate-range ballistic missile toward the sea on Sunday, South Korea’s military said, two months after the North claimed to have tested engines for a new harder-to-detect missile capable of striking distant U.S. targets in the region....

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