Privacy Guides

Google Photos/Gmail AI data removal

Hello, with the new AI features being added into Googles services I was thinking of maybe starting a thread about how to remove data from the affected services. I feel like simply deleting my photos from Google Photos most likely wouldn't be enough of a measure to ensure my images does not get affected or used in these AI...

Privacy services and non privacy payments options

Why most services that want to protect user privacy. Also those on privacyguides, don't have anonymous payment methods like cryptocurrencies? I pay for a few such services like email or cloud etc. but I don't know if it makes sense if my bank knows I'm using it anyway so they can sell that info to advertisers, gov, etc. In EU...

Firefox version 126 introduces search data telemetry collection and enhanced copy without site tracking option ( )

With the latest version of Firefox for U.S. desktop users, we’re introducing a new way to measure search activity broken down into high level categories. This measure is not linked with specific individuals and is further anonymized using a technology called OHTTP to ensure it can’t be connected with user IP addresses....

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