Jumblie is a challenging browser-based open-source puzzle game to guess the four words of the day ( )

The game has a theme word for each day, so keep that in mind when guessing the words. It is more challenging than Wordle because there are no hints apart from the theme word. So, if one of the words is 'landing' and you guessed 'land' there is no confirmation you're getting warm at all....

Token2 is an open-source Swiss FIDO2 security key that brings innovative features at a cheaper price ( )

Token2 is a cybersecurity company specialized in the area of multifactor authentication. Founded by a team of researchers from the University of Geneva with years of experience in the field of strong security and multifactor authentication. Token2 has invented, designed and developed various hardware and software solutions for...

HouseFresh disappeared from Google Search results. Now what? - An elaborate historical analysis and overview of Google search results and media landscape ( )

From Forbes and Money content farms, to Google search algorithm changes promoting generic and generated content and big media platforms over specific results, to Google prioritizing ads, overpriced, and other worse results.

China is eager to show the world that it can lead in generative AI technology. But one of its first challenges is chillingly unique - how to make its chat bots speak like the Communist Party. ( )

China is determined not just that it won’t be left behind, but that it will lead the generative AI trends of the future. But this comes with substantial political risk for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership....

Going Dark: The war on encryption is on the rise. Through a shady collaboration between the US and the EU. ( )

Under the slogan ‘Think of the children’, the European Commission tried to introduce total surveillance of all EU citizens. When the scandal was revealed, it turned out that American tech companies and security services had been involved in the bill, generally known as ‘Chat Control’ – and that the whole thing had been...

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