FordBeeblebrox ,

Multilingual jokes are extra funny on multiple levels

VelvetStorm ,

Fuck man this one is a real groaner

originalucifer OP Admin ,
originalucifer avatar
Yamainwitch ,

Time to add this to my collection of memes and hilarity, the expression is just perfect

Zorque ,

"Faux pa" literally talking to his own daughter.

ursakhiin ,

Faux because he's not a real person

Zorque ,

Bruce Maddox, is that you?

samus12345 , (edited ) avatar

"Faux" as in he's an artificial lifeform, not as in he's not a real father.

Zorque ,

But he's still a real life form, even if he wasn't created in the traditional human way.

originalucifer OP Admin ,
originalucifer avatar

is he human or an artificial human

Norgur ,

You know how dry Vulcan looks?

They are really missing a pond'far

CeruleanRuin ,

Like an engineer doing turbo lift maintenance, this works on multiple levels.

kakes ,

As a non-dad that loves dad jokes, I'm going to make liberal use of this one.

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