USSBurritoTruck Mod , avatar

Nah this sucks. Riker is the CEO of consensual relationships.

Slapping some IASIP dialogue on a random Trek image doesn’t work if it’s not appropriate to the characters.

originalucifer OP Admin ,
originalucifer avatar
Anticorp ,

I agree, Riker has never been rapey.

FloatingAlong ,

Well, don't you look at me like that, Wesley. You certainly wouldn't be in any danger.

teft , avatar

Are these Orion slave girls in danger?

SnotFlickerman ,

I fully believe this conversation works better when it's Data and Lore, with Lore taking the role of Dennis.

Yamainwitch ,

This is 💯 a conversation Lore would laughingly rage quit, and I love his scenario

Stamets , avatar

Yeah this doesn't work well with Riker when the dude is a bastion of morality and openly refuses people who haven't, or cannot, consent.

originalucifer OP Admin ,
originalucifer avatar

he really just wants to get geordi alone

Blue_Morpho ,

And instead of women, make it borg.

Lore loves his borgs.

originalucifer OP Admin ,
originalucifer avatar

yeah i admit this is a whiff for me. i should know better

SnotFlickerman ,

They can't all be zingers.

You only truly miss the shots you don't take.

LopensLeftArm , (edited ) avatar


ummthatguy , avatar
VindictiveJudge ,

I genuinely can't remember if this is a shot from LD. The episode where Boimler gets a girlfriend, maybe?

ummthatguy , avatar

s1e5 "Cupid's Errant Arrow" where Mariner can't understand why a woman is interested in Boimler, hence the conspiracy board

LopensLeftArm , avatar

The humpback whale featuring so heavily always gets me!

SnotFlickerman ,

Basically Lower Decks but with IASIP's soundtrack.

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