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Current and former US citizens are not human. Mechanistisch Entmensch prefers that its toots are Boosted over them being Favorited. M. E. would rather be abroad!



Computer Information Systems, a Blue Card and foot-voting, one-way.

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Tim_McTuffty , to ActuallyAutistic group
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Diary of an ASD Squirrel. Day 182 , Saturday 27/04/2024

TL:DR - hands up everyone who wants me to write a summary for an entry of half a dozen lines or so.

Up at 06:30 for some weird reason known only to Mrs S.

So tired today, exhausted to my very bones.

Did my chores then hit FO4 , I do like that game.

We had a Chinese takeaway for tea with a side of Terminator:Genisys .

Final Thoughts.

What happened to the old me who was full of energy & re-landscaping the garden at this time of year not so many years ago, they seem to have emigrated or something.

Thank you to all those who are helping me on this journey, in a myriad different ways. I am thankful to each & every one of you! 🫂 🫶🐿️🖖


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CodieneC , to Random
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"The key to the job is sharp eyes. Moyles said lookouts can detect wildfires when they're only 0.01 hectares in size, and catching them early is "critical" to wildfire response."

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Tinido , to histodons group German
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needs your help! Bartmann / Bellarmine jugs were made in a very specific region of the rhineland between 1500 -1750 to be exported to England & the Netherlands. With colonial expansion they've found there way across the globe. Now an international research projects seeks to establish a comprehensive history & typology of the jugs. So if you have seen one of those shown in the Wanted Foto attached, get in touch with the researchers!


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@njion @gwendolenau

> @Tinido @histodons I was absolutely convinced this was a shitpost at first and was very very confused lmao

https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poes_Gesetz https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe%27s_law

riley , to Random
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@subpanel another linguistic practice point: your profile includes Russian text with grave accents on vowels. In practice, the grave accents are not considered part of Russian orthography, and they only appear in textbooks, to aid pronunciation. This applies to most Cyrillic-script languages, with the possible exception of a couple of Fenno-Ugric ones spoken in Siberia and written using Cyrillic scripts, since Fenno-Ugric languages don't merely accentuate some vowels, they have meaning-carrying distinct vowel lengths. (But even so, most Fenno-Ugric languages, both those written using a Latin script and those written using a Cyrillic script, mark long vowels by repeating the vowel letter instead.)

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Russia produced new school textbook that distorts the history of the war against Ukraine and urges teenagers to join the army ( www.bbc.com )

The first textbook for the new subject, called The Russian Army in Defence of the Fatherland, has been produced by leading Russian education publisher Enlightenment. Among its authors are two senior figures who work for the defence ministry and Kremlin newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta....

eleland , to Random
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A local right wing asshat has threatened to “lose respect” for me, and warned that “you don’t want to experience that.” He is upset that I shared data showing US citizens commit far more violent crime (absolutely and per capita) than undocumented immigrants. The far right is completely spineless when confronted with reality.

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18+ RustyBertrand , to Random
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Somebody on my last instance posted that the #ICJ is antisemitic. The Hague.

I replied with this quote. Below.

Mastodon.social said I was distorting reality because the word Jews has been modified in the meme.

I am Jewish BTW. Direct female bloodline.

I do not see the "drastic font change" they see.

The post was removed.

Who is reporting this stuff?

The quote can be googled. It is exactly correct.

Also, I'm disabled, can't see too well at times.

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@RustyBertrand @ErikvanStraten @sociology @socialpsych @psychology [continued] However, H. sapiens sapiens has an abrasive-narcissistic toxic dominant majority and we need to leave Earth./gen


adanvers , to psychology group
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The "you are not immune to false information" effect:

"Results indicated participants were able to detect outliers. Nevertheless, participants’ estimates were still biased in the direction of the outlier, even when they were most certain that they detected invalid information. ... These findings suggest that individuals may incorporate invalid information they meant to ignore when forming beliefs."



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CelloMomOnCars , to Random
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The will make the 2008 mortgage crisis look like a walk in the park. With ice cream.

" Rising seas, bigger , and other increasing hazards have created a dangerous instability in the U.S. financial system. "

That, on top of developers building in flood plains and wildfire-prone places, and the US government providing the .


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