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grte ,

Alongside banners commemorating missing and murdered Indigenous women and the victims of Canada’s residential school system, Confederate flags flap gently in the wind.

Wow, I hate everything about that.

With a little research these culture vultures could have used an actual local "rebel" flag, this one:

Picture of the Metis Flag

Red River Resistance

But of course they appropriate a white supremacist flag from American history.

grte ,

"Mr. President, the terrorists have taken hostages. What should we do?" "Bomb the building." -A psychopath

grte ,

You are literally justifying their actions. Justifying the murder of well over 30 thousand.

grte ,

You are putting the responsibility for those murders entirely on Hamas rather than the government currently perpetrating them, thus justifying that government's actions. You could have just as easily made your opening comment, "Man, if only Israel cared about international law." Please stop insulting my intelligence.

grte ,

Strange take. Presumably if Israel was replaced with a non-ethnostate, Jewish citizens of that state would get the same rights and treatment as every other citizen.

grte ,

Emphasis on the sometimes. If you regularly put 80+ hours a week in even doing something you enjoy, eventually you will burn yourself out and there's a good chance you won't enjoy the thing anymore on the other side of that. Not for a long while, at any rate. Burnout is no joke.

grte ,

18+ mosquitoes sucking my blood is pretty awful even without a phobia.

grte ,

Regulations help protect people from corporations. This libertarian take is total nonsense. What makes competition difficult for new entrants is the overwhelming size of modern day multinational corporations and the capital investment required to wage any sort of real competition which is something that is only going to be fronted by other extremely wealthy interests. So, yes, we do need bigger, stronger governments in relation to those very powerful corporations, specifically strong enough to break them up. Or ideally nationalize them entirely.

grte , (edited )

In fact, minimum wage earners tend to put a greater portion of their earnings back into the local economy vs. savings and increases help or at least don't impact particularly negatively small business. Neoclassical economics is a joke.

grte , (edited )

Our current economic situation is the product of decades of regulation cutting supply side (aka neoclassical) economics championed by the likes of Thatcher and Reagan, which still dominates today. You know where housing is not unaffordable? Vienna, Austria. A place where better than half the residents live in social housing. The product of a strong government and regulation.

grte ,

Yes, of course. Banning short term rentals for example is a regulation that would put downward pressure on housing prices. Banning investment companies such as Blackrock, Blackstone, etc from purchasing single family homes, duplexes, 4-plexes and the like would do the same. Whereas the lack of regulation around these things has contributed to home price inflation. The idea that people are unable to afford homes because there is too much regulation holds water like a sieve.

grte ,

Yeah, all that housing in Vienna appeared from nowhere.

But sure, you have a great day as well.

grte , (edited )

“We believe that the province’s commitment to fiscal discipline and stability has wavered in recent years as B.C. has materially increased its spending for both operations and capital investment to unparalleled levels, while economic growth is slowing,” S&P said in its analysis.

So, punishment for Keynesianism? Is this that foreign interference I've been hearing about?

Surely Moody's would never utilize it's credit ratings dishonestly.

grte OP ,

No, this is from Friday. The bit mentioning the January brownouts was making a comparison to those of yesterday.

grte ,

Business groups claim hard-fought $20 hourly wage victory will cause reduced hours, layoffs

David Card was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for showing that this isn't true.

(The study (PDF warning))

What was special about this research that won the guy the award?

According to Card:

the thing that has really influenced the field is the idea of looking for these pivotal events or things that have happened that could potentially inform our theorizing and understanding of the world.

That is to say, they actually looked at real world examples and compared (meaning they actually included evidence in their reasoning) rather than assuming it must be so based on neoclassical economic assumptions.

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