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areyouevenreal ,

Why OpenBSD in particular? I am also curious what is wrong with Linux?

areyouevenreal ,

Why not something like market socialism?

areyouevenreal ,

Except there is exactly that: socialism is where the working class owns the means of production.

Anyone who suggests otherwise is normally a right wing or centrist nutjob. People who debate if the USSR are debating how well it meets that criteria, not what the criteria actually is.

Also there are loads of people who are socialists but not MLs. Not all communists are MLs or Maoists either. Anarchist communists, libertarian marxists are communists that don't fit into that group. Anarchists in general are socialists that don't agree with MLs or Maoists or authoritarian regimes like China or the USSR.

Stop going around spouting centrist nonsense and actually read socialist theories if you want to legitimately criticise it. You can't criticise such a broad range of systems without first understanding what they are and what they have in common.

areyouevenreal ,

So basically anyone left of a social democrat you don't support? As far as I am concerned social democrats aren't real socialists but support hybrid economy.

Out of curiosity do you have any problem with anarchist communism, market socialism, or any other true socialist ideology that is pro civil liberties?

Also MLs do want a democracy, it's called democratic socialism (which are different from social democrats, yes it's confusing). As far as they are concerned the democracy we live in now isn't real, and I tend to agree with them on this as do many other leftist groups. Just to be clear I haven't been an ML in a while.

areyouevenreal ,

How can a society without a state - anarchism - possibly be authoritarian? There are no police or military to enforce any authoritarian policies is many forms of anarchism. What you are saying doesn't make sense.

I actually agree with you that MLs can be authoritarian. That's part of why I left those ideologies behind. What I don't agree with is painting all socialist ideologies with the same brush. Some are based on direct democracy which is always going to be more democratic than representative democracy, weather you think that's a good thing or not.

I also don't believe we live in a true democracy as it's controlled through political and economic corruption including lobbying, as well as the two-party system created through FPTP voting systems. Not to mention manufactured consent. So to me those checks and balances aren't that effective, especially compared to real direct democracy.

Edit: also MLs believe in checks and balances last I checked. The USSR was full of bureaucracy for this very reason.

areyouevenreal ,

I don't think it's a perfect system, however there are easy ways to prevent this problem. You simply make either the customers or the government one of the parties holding shares of the companies. That way the customers also get to vote on decisions, or the government on behalf of the whole society.

areyouevenreal ,

Fully socialize? Socialist market economy is a true socialist system already. You can't make it more socialist. Your confusing communism with socialism.

areyouevenreal ,

Your confusing Leninism for socialism. Not all socialism even requires a state never mind state ownership.

areyouevenreal ,

Why? How could letting someone half way across the world that has nothing to do with a given workplace or enterprise vote on an issue they know nothing about possibly be more efficient? Surely having the people who are actual stakeholders in a co-operative make decisions about that co-operative would be more fair and more efficient than having a central bureaucratic organization, or worse individual voters across the world make decisions for them.

Also I hate to tell you this but markets are generally pretty efficient. Command economies much less so.

areyouevenreal ,

I think you're confusing social democracy with market socialism.

In market socialism the working class owns the businesses they work for, possibly in conjunction with the government or their customers. There are no people who became shareholders by buying shares, and starting a business doesn't mean you get to own all of it. It's essentially a society where all businesses are worker co-ops.

It has nothing to do with a social safety net. In practice one would probably exist anyway, but it's not a strict requirement of this sort of system like it is in social democracy. Technically you wouldn't have to have free universal healthcare either.

It helps to know that the definition of socialism I am using is based on the marxist one: a society where the workers own the means of production.

Edit: Profit still exists in this system but it's shared more or less equally between the workers of that business. This means workers actually have a concrete incentive to work well, not just the vague possibility of a promotion. It also means you will probably see less short term profit making and less overwork hopefully.

areyouevenreal ,

By the way you are entirely free to structure companies this way under a social democracy

You can set that up in any capitalist society, not just social democracy. It even happens in the US. That's one of the major advantages of worker co-ops. It's not true socialism though unless every business is run that way. I don't really want social democracy. I want real socialism.

As for funding I am not sure. Real worker co-ops must get funding from somewhere I would look into that. In a full market socialist economy the government could have a role in that. After all the current scheme of needing Capital to start a business isn't fair at all.

areyouevenreal ,

Right, but why do you require every person in the country to work under a co-op? Is it not enough to let them choose?

Look around you my guy. Capitalism doesn't work. Most people who have the money needed to start or invest in a business are only in it to make themselves richer and to exploit others. My system prevents all of that.

In your socialist society if a group of people agreed that they would like to set up businesses under a different model what would you do?

I imagine the same thing we do now with people who have illegal businesses or businesses that go against regulations.

And further, if you're calling for an enormous change to the way we structure our economy then shouldn't you be able to articulate how that system will work?

You have never talked to marxists before have you? They don't even know what economic system they want to use most of the time, because they don't consider that detail to be important and think we can figure it out after or during the revolution. If I started asking them these questions they probably wouldn't give me a straight answer and it would probably turn into an argument.

Meanwhile I am missing a couple of small details. Ones you can find yourself if you are willing to do more research than I have.

areyouevenreal ,

That is a wholly unsatisfactory response

I don't owe you a "satisfactory" response. I have been trying to explain what system I favour and why given you hadn't heard of it before. This isn't a debate and I can't debate someone who didn't even know the thing I am talking about even existed before we had this conversation, so stop treating it like one. I am not an expert in any economic system, nor are most people and I doubt you are either. What I do know is that the current one definitely isn't good for many reasons. I also know that economics is largely pseudoscience and should be treated as such.

Firstly capitalism does work, it is extremely efficient at what it does which is allocating capital, which I've never heard of a good alternative. Central planning seems pretty trash as an alternative example
But where "capitalism" falls over isn't to do with it at all. Capitalism is an economic system, it doesn't dictate anything about how we setup things like welfare or even ubi if you want. Look at Europe, seems pretty chill to me in a lot of countries that are capitalist

I actually live in Europe. That argument won't work on me. It's actually so absurd that Americans think Europe is this perfect place just because we aren't a third world country. There is a cost of living crisis ongoing where I live. I can't even find a job in my field despite having a masters degree (computer science), and had to move back in with my parents. There are homeless people on the streets. People regularly can't afford to heat their homes. There are loads more issues if you care to look for them too. Many of these are caused by capitalism.

I can't say anything about allocating capital because I am not an economist. I can say though the damage that has been caused to people and the environment. There is also no reason why something like market socialism would be less efficient to my knowledge as it uses many of the same ideas that capitalism does including the profit motive. I don't think it's a perfect solution by any means, and I am not confident a perfect solution is even possible. I do think it's something that's worth a shot.

Right so you would make any other structure of company illegal. I don't like that particularly, but from your moral system I get it. But then we probably have a fundamental disagreement there that can't be resolved easily

What moral system do you think I follow exactly? All I want is a world where we don't have to exploit each other to survive, where everyone is looked after and the planet isn't dying. To be given the opportunity to improve yourself. Being rewarded for working hard or gaining skills would be good too, but not as important as the rest. Currently I am not getting any of these things and I am rightfully angry about that.

If you actually have a solution that would work better than I am all ears. I don't think social democracy and welfare can fix all that though, because I have lived in countries with those things and seen them fail. Even the ones that appear to do it well are normally exploiting the planet or other countries to do so.

If we humans can't work out how to make a system that works for everyone and for the planet then we don't deserve to be alive frankly. We deserve to go extinct and be replaced by something else.

What really annoys me about socialists/communists is you always want to handwave your bullshit system.

That's actually one of the main issues I had with marxists funnily enough. That and some authoritarian tendencies. Though there are definitely some who have ideas on how to run an economy, and you might find some of these of interest.

areyouevenreal ,

I dunno man, billionaires are a big failure of this economic system. So is alienation of labour. No one should profit from someone else's work. Even so I could forgive all that of it meant everyone had enough money from working say 20 or 30 hours a week, but that isn't the case.

I know capitalism isn't purely to blame for the environmental problems we have, but it is a major component. You can see this with oil companies and their owners lobbying governments not to pass legislation, producing propaganda, and funding bad science.

I actually understand some level of how capitalism works already. Maybe I could learn more, but honestly what I have learned already I find disgusting. How anyone who actually understands it doesn't find it irredeemable I struggle to understand. That being said it's certainly a complex system, that certainly seems efficient if you don't actually look too hard. I think that's what stops people seeing the very obvious flaws.

areyouevenreal ,

Out of curiosity what is this system you are describing called? I am guessing it's not truly socialism if it allows for entrepreneurship. I have to say I've not run into this exact system before. Would I be correct in thinking that unlike in market socialism it's possible to directly own parts of a business you don't work for or are a customer for?

areyouevenreal ,

I don’t consider it bad for people to make a profit off my work though. They’re always risking something in order for me to be in a position to make profits to begin with. If they weren’t I wouldn’t need the employer, I’d just have a risk free business that I’d run myself

It's not just about risk though. It's about having the capital to start with. Most people would never have enough capital to start a large business like amazon. Even if they did you have to get obscenely lucky and be at the right time on the market. Rich people might technically be taking a risk, but they have the money to finance many, many of these risks and so long as at least some pay off it's a net profit for them.

Capitalism inevitably leads to government corruption. There is as far as I can tell no easy solution for this besides removing them for the very economic system they are supposed to legislate for - which obviously has other issues. That's why government regulation doesn't work and isn't a solution. As they say: money is the root of all evil.

First you can't have a communist government do any bad things, because communist governments don't exist! It's a contradiction as there is no state under communism. You mean Marxist governments practicing state socialism, and I have already said I have issues with Marxists. I also think it's pertinent to mention that state socialism is meant to be temporary in a Marxist regime, and not all Marxists advocate for state socialism either.

Market socialism (which isn't communism - not even close) could theoretically have these issues yes. There are however no billionaires to bribe anyone, so in practice I think these issues would be less severe.

A large part of the problem with the climate issue is public education - that's why people don't care. Education is something even state socialist economies have generally done well at. Obviously this can never be done perfectly, and there are always some idiots when it comes to issues like this and things like anti-vaxxers. That being said there is a lot that can be done when people aren't being brain washed for profit. Conspiracy theorists make bank off of people who are gullible - removing the profit motive there would actually be useful here. I can see it being a problem in an economy under market socialism as the profit motive still exists.

What are the craziest misconceptions you’ve heard about programming from people not familiar with it?

As someone who spends time programming, I of course find myself in conversations with people who aren't as familiar with it. It doesn't happen all the time, but these discussions can lead to people coming up with some pretty wild misconceptions about what programming is and what programmers do....

areyouevenreal ,

Learning python isn't jumping in at the deep end. Learning assembly or C would be the deep end. Also programming has little to do with maths anymore, and the maths you use for programming isn't the kind most people are taught in school.

areyouevenreal ,

It's still a modular, repairable phone. That's objectively different to a regular phone. Not to mention the broad support for ROMs.

I still wouldn't buy one because of the cost, reduced performance, reduced battery life, and worse screen than other phones. It's not worth it even if it's upgradable as it can't be upgraded enough to stay relevant forever anyway unlike a framework where you can plop in a new motherboard.

areyouevenreal ,

I mean marx also talks about the Jews and the Christians. I thought the position was that religion helps reinforce class society.

areyouevenreal ,

I was told marx was an antisemite. That's what people say about leftists in general it seems.

areyouevenreal ,


areyouevenreal ,

Except many like mine don't have that option. The best they have is "optimized" charging that tries to only hit full when you go to unplug it.

areyouevenreal OP ,

Yep, installed my first Linus Distro in primary school at about 11 yo. Now I am 23.

In all seriousness while I think FreeBSD and GhostBSD are very cool, and have some interesting server applications they do have some annoying limitations. It's not really their fault either, it sucks being the 4th most common platform/kernel/whatever. The FreeBSD people seem less uptight about working with proprietary software as it's not the same kind of Open Source Linux is because it's not copyleft. So you can use their code wherever even in closed source products. They include things like Nvidia drivers straight in their repos.

As for what makes them different/interesting: Linux is very capable but also kind of over engineered, confusing, and somewhat jank. BSDs are generally more simple. You would think this makes them less capable but aside from software support they often have more useful features. BSDs had Jails before Containers where supported properly on Linux.

BSD is almost what Linux is to Windows: faster, more stable, less annoying, and with a fraction of the users, hardware and software support. It's also a bit more complex to do certain things out of the box - though GhostBSD does give you a GUI and decent installer.

Also BTRFS on Linux feels like this:

Child: "Can we have ZFS?"

Mother: "We have ZFS at home."

ZFS at home: BTRFS

Like it's good that it exists, a lot better than other OSes had for a while, but it just doesn't compare to the stability and performance of the original. There are some areas where it's a bit more flexible and that can be useful, but generally it's just not as good. Pretty much Linux, then Apple, then Microsoft all tried copying ZFS, only worse. Heck it actually came from Sun Microsystems, then got Open Sourced allowing the FreeBSD people among others to port it to their system. Linux now has BCacheFS which might be even better but it's too early to tell.

Sorry for the long response. Thought I would explain some stuff while I am here.

areyouevenreal OP ,

Glad you enjoyed. I would give one of the BSDs a go. NomadBSD is a good option to try out as it's designed as a persistent live system that runs from a USB drive. Let me know if you have any questions, though I am far from an expert on this yet.

areyouevenreal OP ,

I tried that method. It's seriously borked if you ever want transcoding to work. Jellyfin has a customized version of ffmpeg they used that just dosen't exist on FreeBSD to the best of my knowledge. You can maybe make it work with the FreeBSD version but it would be an ugly hack.

areyouevenreal ,

Likely they are referring to birds being in a monophyletic clade alongside dinos, but by that logic, humans are monkeys.

I mean we pretty much are. Aside from going hairless and standing upright how much different are we really?

Computers are further removed from rocks than a dinosaur is from a mamal.

areyouevenreal ,

Are you having some kind of aneurysm? We aren't talking about raw materials, we are talking about evolution and how similar things are. Humans are functionally still animals. Computers are not functionally just rocks.

areyouevenreal ,

I mean they aren't instant and have to be within a fairly short distance of the thing you want to sterilize in order to work because they are absorbed by the air. Something like a pool would be practically impossible as water also absorbs UV and a pool is too big to penetrate all the way through just from the sides or bottom. It only works for drinking water because you pass said water through a tube that must be fairly narrow.

Oh yeah and an X-ray could sterilize all the way through an object, not just the surface. Very useful for making things like microwave meals.

areyouevenreal ,

Okay this is kinda backwards. Alcohol is worse than nicotine. Nicotine withdrawal doesn't cause seizures or death. Nicotine is less destructive to an addict than alcohol is, although it's more addictive overall.

While cannabis and psychedelics should be legalized and can help many people they aren't without risks. They can cause temporary psychosis and permanent sensory abnormalities/minor hallucinations. In some cases they can trigger diseases like schizophrenia. It's all dependent on how your brain is wired and what happens when you are tripping/high.

There was actually an off-duty airline pilot that nearly caused a major accident when traveling in the cockpit jump seat after taking mushrooms a few days before hand. He jumped up atns tried to shut off the engines, and very nearly succeeded. There is a great mentor pilot video on it if you can find it. It's a great example of what can go wrong with psychedelic drugs. That man ended up in jail btw.

areyouevenreal ,

100% get you. I just thought it needed pointing out how bad alcohol is. Like you could die of lung cancer from smoking at 60 or from alcohol poisoning at 30. It's one of those things that's killed people the first time doing it.

areyouevenreal ,

Someone did the math. It's $315,000 not $150.000. So plenty to live on and still have some left for investment.

As for winning capitalism: capitalism is a travesty that's killing both people and the planet. I would rather people stop talking about winning such a system - there are truly no victors. To be the victor in capitalism is to be a cell of a tumor that slowly kills its host; you only live until you finish killing the host or the host fights back. We should kill and consume those responsible for capitalism like macrophages consume cancer.

areyouevenreal ,

The issue here is capitalism will destroy the environment so you won't have anywhere to go eventually, at least if you're not a billionaire. This is what I mean about killing the host, the bourgeoisie are slowly killing society and the planet.

areyouevenreal ,

A dead one? Maybe you mean Bill Gates?

areyouevenreal ,

I wasn't saying bill gates was dead. I was asking if the only good billionaire was a dead billionaire. I was then suggesting you might believe Bill Gates is the one good billionaire. They were separate possible answers I was trying to think of.

areyouevenreal ,

Do they promote crypto as a solution to world problems? If not how are they a crypto fash.?

areyouevenreal ,

Either way I suspect Linus himself is only a small component of the problem if it exists

It's easy for employees to do stuff you don't know about.

Of course he is still a capitalist and is as guilty as any other "well behaved" capitalist.

areyouevenreal ,

That's a good point to be fair. I think they have an external team now thankfully.

areyouevenreal ,

Did she say who called her that or who she took her complaints to? Linus Media Group is a fairly large company these days. We also don't know yet how much of what she said is actually true.

areyouevenreal ,

Do you have some sources?

areyouevenreal ,

What would make an AI high? I mean they can't have drugs - aside from doped silicon of course. Would it be like a program of some kind?

Yo, I heard you got new stuff?

Yeah this C program is straight fire bro. Trust me.

areyouevenreal ,

Or you could just switch DHCP over to the Pi-hole. Most ISP routers support turning off DHCP even if you can't change their DNS.

areyouevenreal ,

You think being a conservative is a pedo ideology? Are you serious? Wow.

areyouevenreal ,

Which country is this?

areyouevenreal ,

Definitely has roots in systems of oppression because conservatism by definition supports the current system which is oppressive. The latter part you are gonna have to prove.

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