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I made a post 5 minutes before this one, an NOS translate, and it was not published?

Well, here's the content of my source https://nos.nl/artikel/2508537-gerechtshof-nederland-moet-stoppen-met-uitvoer-van-f-35-onderdelen-naar-israel

The most important part for me was the last paragraph, in bold.

The Netherlands must stop exporting F-35 parts to Israel. The court in The Hague decided this on appeal. Deliveries must be stopped within seven days of the court's ruling.

"Israel does not sufficiently take into account the consequences for the civilian population when conducting its attacks," the judges wrote. "The court finds that there is a clear risk that serious violations of the humanitarian law of war will be committed in the Gaza Strip with Israel's F-35 fighter planes."

Oxfam Novib, Pax Nederland and The Rights Forum had taken the Dutch State to court to stop the export. They believe the export of the F-35 parts violates the laws of war, because the Netherlands knows that the fighter planes are used for attacks on the Gaza Strip.
Undeniable risk

Previously, the judge in The Hague ruled that deliveries could continue. The court now rules differently. Unlike the lower court, the Court does not find that the government's position "that the situation in Gaza is too complex to establish that Israel is seriously violating international humanitarian law."

"The fact that a definitive legal judgment cannot be given at this time on the question of whether Israel is seriously violating international humanitarian law is self-evident," the judge continued. "The court does not give that judgment either. But that is not the point in this case. The only point in this case is whether there is a clear risk that the F-35 parts exported to Israel will be used in the commission of serious crimes. violations of humanitarian law. The court finds that it is undeniable that this is a clear risk."

ps, translated with Google Translate

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I'll try Voyager, still noobing around but I'll get there.


edit: nope. nothing. Ah well, new app to play with.

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Ahahahaha, I just blame them then.

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I really like the Veritasium video.

The ending of Thomas Midgley Jr. feels like some Wes Anderson take, I wish I was there to see it with my own eyes.

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    I really like that you admit you were mistaken and leave the discussion intact instead of deleting your comment.

    I wish this was more 'normal'.

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    "The name of the woman was released early Friday morning. Atlanta Police identified her as 26-year-old Laneisha Shantrice Henderson." (From the article)

    I don't know her party affiliation. Sometimes people have reasons the rest of us cannot understand, it's not always political.

    I use Boost for Lemmy in Swipe-mode (android). Linked articles are embedded so you don't have to open and accept cookies and whatnot to read what the post is about.

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    I do cook in the microwave, , potatoes, chickenlegs, egg-based crustless pies in silicone molds, mushrooms. Microwaving at 600 power doesn't entangle the proteins and seals moisture. Finish in the skillet or fryer and all the flavours are there.

    It's time-saving as well.

    Free recipe:


    A head of chicory,
    4 slices of cheap ham (the ones you put on a sandwich)
    4 slices of cheese, as long as the ham you use and about a fingerwide

    Nuke the head of chicory full blast for about 2 minutes in a glass container. No water or anything, just plop the head in a pyrex bowl with a glass lid.

    Let mushy head cool down in a sieve so the excess moisture can escape.

    Cut in half and cut the halves in half when you won't burn your fingerprints off anymore. Slice off the hard bottom bit.

    Lay down a slice of ham, put a piece of cheese in the middle, cover the cheese with a piece of your chicory and roll the ham like a burrito. Repeat until out of at least one of your ingredients.

    Dry your pyrex bowl and put those rolls in it with the seam down so the rolls will stay closed.

    Nuke the rolls on 600 watt for about 90 seconds to melt the cheese and make the ham get nice and salty and juicy.

    Tadaa! Gourmet!

    MamLaLiq ,
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    It really improves the structure and taste. No little hard or tough bits.

    MamLaLiq , (edited )
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    Ashli Babbitts Mom looks like that religious woman in The Mist. She could be dangerous: Mother Grieving Daughter, it will distract some voters that Daughter conspired and tried to attempt a fucking coup~~~~e~~~~.

    MamLaLiq ,
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    I'm not very familiair with war-lingo.


    Fixed it, thank you.

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    I escaped Reddit some months ago. Every day the same video of trashy girls, equal rights equal fights and his wife too (and my axe).

    When I started I reacted on posts, but that was not a nice experience. I lurked and only downvoted posts that I thought were mean or hurtful.

    In a sub about knitting I found out they started here new. So I followed.

    I knit you not haha.

    I’m still shy to react, but the reactions I got were supernice and almost allways with some clausule like : “but that’s my two cents” and that feels very comforting.

    What I would like is more comments on posts. I would love to follow and perhaps engage with lots of people with different knowledge and views.

    I miss the Wiki-dive, often multiple times on 1 post.

    MamLaLiq ,
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    In the Netherlands Geert Wilders, a.k.a Dutch Trump, won the election. There is no more shame to admit you want certain people gone because you feel you’re better.

    MamLaLiq ,
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    We were all a bit shocked tbh, but after a sink-in moment it was like: " Welp, back to voting in 6 months"

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