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GreenEngineering3475 ,

Just like, pre-installed Edge and Onedrive, completely opt in and one day a windows update (automatically) reboots your pc and you just got opted in.

SOUTH PARK: THE END OF OBESITY | Official Teaser | Paramount+ ( )

The advent of new weight loss drugs has a huge impact on everyone in South Park. When Cartman is denied access to the life-changing medicine, the kids jump into action. The new exclusive event SOUTH PARK: THE END OF OBESITY premieres May 24, 2024 on Paramount+!

GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

Well that’s kinda where the book ends. I find it odd they want to continue…

" Shōgun has become FX’s most-watched show ever in its first nine weeks in terms of global hours streamed. "

That maybe reason enough for the executives at FX.

What remains to be seen, does the show retain its quality or it becomes GOT season 7 and 8.

GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

Me too, mate. Just popped up in my feed on YouTube, while I was watching Dune 2 Paul's speech to the fremen.

GreenEngineering3475 ,

I'm just fed up with the quantum quantum parallel universe BS. Dark Matter looks a little bit more enjoyable at the moment, but definitely in precarious balance

I like the premise of parallel universes (the road not taken), but the pacing of Dark Matter is why I gave up on it. Its just slow to get to the point, no filler just padding the moments to get the episode to a 45-50 min runtime.

GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

I will take mid writing and that will be a big jump from Season 1.

[request] Help finding a space movie

An astronaut crash lands on an elongated asteroid with extremely strong gravity. He manages to crawl away from his ship and finds that the gravity in the middle is normal and the gravity at the far end is reversed. Time is also affected by gravity and goes backward at the far end of the asteroid. His dog was injured and he...

GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

Had the same idea, but it won't work:

  1. There's a 15 min edit window from the time message was sent.
  2. Edited message tag is visible
GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

On the flip side, they can read your group chat messages. Many(me included) will prefer that it isn't a possibility.

GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

Ars dark mode switching is infuriating, not an asshole design choice like Dexerto here

Be me,

  • Click on an article link in rss feed.Open in browser(in dark mode)

  • Ars technica doesn't change its theme.

  • Open the menu to switch theme, click on dark mode.

  • Goes to the homepage in dark mode.

  • Go back to rss reader click that link again.

GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

Not a regular visitor, so can't say anything about there content.There was a discussion in the piracy community about the article, so went there to read it:

GreenEngineering3475 OP , (edited )

Sorry I didn't mean any negatively towards you there.

I took your previous comment to be a critic of Dexerto.Not towards me. No apology needed.

Thanks for warning me about their quality, its now on my blocklist too.

GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

I just want them to follow system default for guest user(s).

they probably require an account because they have a system set up in a way where it's mostly a server-side app and ui settings are only stored on the server

This makes more sense for signed in user(s).

No dark mode unless you register, is what I consider to be a asshole design choice.

GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

Ok, made an account(used a temp email). Nothing exquisite, just being able to switch between light and dark mode. I expected an option to set the toggle to follow device default after making an account and signing in.

Doesn't even remember which mode was toggled during the previous sign in.

GreenEngineering3475 ,

Probably a ban evasion measure linked to your IP. Try changing your IP address and then comment, might work.

The Boys – Season 4 Official Trailer | Prime Video ( )

In Season Four, the world is on the brink. Victoria Neuman is closer than ever to the Oval Office and under the muscly thumb of Homelander, who is consolidating his power. Butcher, with only months to live, has lost Becca’s son and his job as The Boys’ leader. The rest of the team are fed up with his lies. With the stakes...

GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

Are there any other options?

A persistent banner asking to update at the bottom of the search bar is a good idea. Barring access to an essential app under any condition is just bad UX.

GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

I never had this issue. What were you using deb, rpm, flatpak or snap version?

GreenEngineering3475 OP , (edited )

Firefox flatpak version had a lot issues. It has improved a lot, still a long way to go.

I have exclusively used Firefox flatpak for the last year and updates has been quite smooth. Never had my session closed automatically(to my memory) due to an update, usually waits for me close the session and when I reopen its updated.

My experience is limited to Ubuntu.

GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

People on metered connection and low connectivity areas are probably going to more inconvenienced by this force update banner. Unable to use your message app because you forgot to update and now cannot connect to the internet.

GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

The bar shows dates?

GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

The badge is to help people identify official apps.

I think it's not about that development but whom the data is being sent to, the state or some third party that provides same services.

Like a National Emergency Broadcast app or app for vehicle and driver's license registration service, that need sensitive info like your Govt ID and other details.

GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

Best case scenario: Some streamers exit the market. We go back to Netflix and two other(most likely prime and disney). Apple tv can take the limited series / prestige tv spot. Rest just license their content.

Google Photos will soon more easily let you block someone's face from Memories ( )

One of the best features of Google Photos is the app’s ability to show old photos as a “Memory,” but sometimes showing a specific person isn’t what you want. Now, Google Photos is preparing to make it easier to hide someone’s face from Memories.

Mufasa: The Lion King | Teaser Trailer ( )

“Mufasa: The Lion King” enlists Rafiki to relay the legend of Mufasa to young lion cub Kiara, daughter of Simba and Nala, with Timon and Pumbaa lending their signature schtick. Told in flashbacks, the story introduces Mufasa as an orphaned cub, lost and alone until he meets a sympathetic lion named Taka—the heir to a royal...

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