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EU Commission fines Apple over €1.8 billion over abusive App store rules for music streaming providers ( ec.europa.eu )

The European Commission has fined Apple over €1.8 billion for abusing its dominant position on the market for the distribution of music streaming apps to iPhone and iPad users (‘iOS users') through its App Store. In particular, the Commission found that Apple applied restrictions on app developers preventing them from...

AcesFullOfKings ,

And ofc, as usual, the appeal will likely bring it down substantially

AcesFullOfKings , (edited )

60k is the number of mods.

The article refers to "content that is curated and maintained by an army of more than 60,000 volunteers, the Redditors", which tbf is quite weird phrasing. But the 60k "volunteer mods" number has been doing the rounds everywhere for the last few months. I wonder if they misunderstood a figure they saw and mistook it for the total number of users. But it also refers to "a staggering 73 million daily active users", which I wouldn't really say is a staggering number in $current_year when other social networks have orders of magnitude a lot more. "staggering" is just an odd word to choose.

The article seems kind of oddly phrased in general to be honest. Pretty clearly written by someone who is unfamilliar with what reddit is.

AcesFullOfKings ,

Sounds like a you problem. If that’s true then you don’t have to be dickish about it in the comments. Just bc you don’t want to spend 6 mins reading a nice story doesn’t mean nobody else does.

AcesFullOfKings ,

let’s not bring over worn-out redditisms to lemmy eh?

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