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assembly ,

It’s about damn time!

Valmond ,

How does it go by that speaker person?

tal ,
@tal@lemmy.today avatar

After the Senate passes it, it will be sent to the House of Representatives.

The person you're thinking of is Mike Johnson, Speaker of the House.

My expectation is that it will pass the House, but I don't know how much time will be involved; the previous infighting over the border security issue delayed it by several months.

Valmond ,

Thanks and yes that's the person.

I have the impression he can stop anyting just because he decides so, or there must be some rare vote to replace him (and deciding to actually even do that vote has to happen) and kick him out so he can't kindergarten everyone anymore, but then again who know who's be the new person and what schemes they might have in mind.

Any information greatly appreciated!

Cheers and hopes for Ukraine and the modern world.

Docus ,

Wake me up when the house gets to vote on it.

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