doc ,

I wonder if the name Will is in reference Billy Joel and his famous song The Piano Man.

sorter_plainview ,

Someone please explain it to me..

generic_computers , avatar

I assume the joke is that he'd more realistically be carrying a harmonica in his pocket. Carrying an entire piano is rather silly.

blackstampede ,

We need to create a website that just describes and explains all far side comics.

Murdoc ,

Just like Explain xkcd.

shasta ,

Yeah, and not because they're complicated but because some of them are so dumb and barely humorous that you can't tell if the joke has gone over your head or if it's just plain not funny.

carbonari_sandwich ,

This one is just gorgeous.

glimse ,

Great one

Empricorn ,

No one knows Greensleeves, right...?

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