Shipgirlboy ,

Pizza the Hutt before his rise to notoriety

brbposting ,

LMAO this is OC?

  1. crisp, HQ

  2. on point 🍕

  3. Kirk embed

  4. lulz

Hat tip

elliot_crane OP ,

Thanks! I whipped this bad boy up myself in GIMP!

That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else had thought “Kryton looks like a slice of pizza” at some point in the past.

kaitco ,

You’re not sorry at all! Admit it!

beefbot ,

Didn’t know Battlestar Galactica (2004)’s Sam Anders (Starbuck’s pyramid-sports-ball beau) had another life in a different sci-fi universe as a slice of pizza
(instead of just a slice)
(he’s hot)
(and the two actors look a LOT alike)

x4740N ,

When the pizzas crunchy but not the good kind of crunchy

Tolookah ,

Don't be sorry. This is wonderful.

elliot_crane OP ,

Thank you!

verity_kindle , avatar

No. Be all the way sorry, although pizza memes are a bonus of 1 HP, bringing your HP to...dice clatter....1 HP. You are conscious.

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