Fluba ,

I know it's science fiction and belief should be suspended a bit, but 10K years and their tech is the same? Did they just reach a peak they couldn't pass until Spice was found and used for further travel?

theareciboincident ,

Well about 2500 years before the events of Dune, they also had the idea to advance technology.

Unfortunately it went so terribly that humanity was almost hunted to extinction and the creation of thinking machines are now banned in every part of the empire!

rikudou ,

It was 10k years before the events of Dune.

Fluba ,

Ahhh, interesting. Thank you for the background - I've got some more research to do in the Dune lore. I really only focused on the movies/books timeline.

CosmicCleric ,
@CosmicCleric@lemmy.world avatar

Coming this Fall, according to the video.

Anti Commercial-AI license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

alexc ,

I just hope this isn’t the start of the “Marvelification” of Dune…

mojo_raisin ,

What about Star Warsification?

No Baby Kwisatz Haderach for you?

Shiggles ,

It’s funny because that’s basically Leto the 2nd

cowfodder ,

I mean, that's already kind of happened with the Brian Herbert/Kevin J Anderson novels, so...

I don't hate those books the way some people seem to. The ones set in the distant past flesh out the universe nicely. They're just definitely not as good as what Frank wrote.

HessiaNerd ,

I can't stand those books. Anderson's writing is like a 5th grade report. Tell them what you are going to say. Say it. Tell them what you told them.

He may need a recap of what each character is thinking and feeling every 3 or 4 chapters, I don't.

Plus Frank would let the world be background for the story. All 'world building' is only in focus when interacting with the story and characters. World building for its own sake seems masturbatory to me.

alexc ,

Excellent point. I have avoided them thus far but I have also heard some are good

Thcdenton ,

If it makes money, suits will ruin it. Just enjoy the good stuff before they do.

Dasus ,

Fuck yeah I had no idea about this, thanks OP

GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

Me too, mate. Just popped up in my feed on YouTube, while I was watching Dune 2 Paul's speech to the fremen.

Dasus ,


ours ,

It was supposed to come shortly after the first movie then it went radio silence. I had given up on it considering the new head of HBO is so trigger happy.

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