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Rodeo ,

The article states that the money has been put up, then it talk a lot about "Historically Black Colleges and Universities" but doesn't actually state that the money is going to those universities.

In fact, it states that the money is going to the CHIPS program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and then also states that HBCUs have their program called CHIPS.

The article is misleading and a bit confusing and makes it seem like the money is going to HBCUs when in fact it is going to NIST.

neptune ,

I think the idea is that in order for private companies to take the money, some of it has to go to HBCU as research contracts. Biden can't just decided to tell a school to research some niche chip topic. The researchers leading the project have to hit a wall, and work with universities to research and solve it...

Yeah the article could explain way better. The big money for schools these days, besides grant money, is private partnerships. That's what I think is going on here.

Rodeo ,

I read an article from NIST itself about it, and that does indeed seem to be the case.

SpicyLizards ,

Considering how much he sends unconditionally for genocide... not a lot left for anything, I guess

zeppo ,
@zeppo@lemmy.world avatar

Have you checked out the US budget lately?

Apollo2323 ,

He? You know congress has to pretty much approve everything he does right? Or Fox news is telling you otherwise?

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