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Linking parts of the codebase such that changing one forces reviewing the other ?

Suppose we have a large to-do task manager app with many features. Say we have an entity, which is the task, and it has certain fields like: title, description, deadline, sub-tasks, dependencies, etc. This entity is used in many parts of our codebase....

Free accessible endpoints for info on movies and TV shows? (Writing a script [or a program, haven't decided yet] for my brother)

Hey. My brother asked me if I could write him something that iteratively scans his directories for movies and scrapes the web for data on the movie. I know there probably exist dozens of such thing, the aim is to be minimal here. I need public-exposed endpoints that allow for scraping of their data. I just need the endpoints, I...

Looking for feedback/review on my project starter template (DRF + Nuxt + Docker compose) ( github.com )

I am trying to come-up with a reusable template to quickly start new projects using my prefered tools and frameworks, and I'm happy with what I got. However, using Docker is quite new for me and I've probably done some weird or unconventional stuff in my docker-compose.yml or my Dockerfiles. I'd love to learn from people with...

My implementation of the ASDL domain-specific language in C, targeting C, has been heavily updated! It now is fully stable, and the final AST code is error-free. Documentation added! Enjoy ( github.com )

You can use ASDL to describe the tree grammar of your language. After doing that, translate the code to C by running it through my program. Now you have a C file that contains a bunch of constructors, type defs, macros, etc ,that describe the AST of your language. Two examples, a basic one, and one for regex, has been provided....

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