gitamar ,

Banned in the EU since 20 years, in Germany more than 30 years. Strange that this is so different in the US

DancingBear ,

Good old American exceptionalism

FlyingSquid , avatar

We are kind of fucked. Global warming will cause what is known as global greening, where plants thrive due to more CO2 in the atmosphere. Good for crops, also good for weeds, which is why strong herbicides are already in use.

NewNewAccount ,

Is the greening effect predicted to offset some of the additional CO2 in the atmosphere?

I assume yes, but not in any appreciable amount?

Tramort ,

From the article:

Atrazine is associated with gastroschisis

NegativeLookBehind , avatar

The Boeing hit men are gonna be busy this month

catloaf ,

Atrazine. The first most common remains glyphosate (Roundup).

disguy_ovahea ,

It’s ok. We’ve genetically modified our crops to resist glyphosate. They probably just weren’t eating enough corn. /s

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