rowrowrowyourboat ,

They need something like this for colonoscopies.

If there was a way to test it at home, I'm sure a lot less people would die from colorectal cancer.

Mouselemming ,

There's this:

It's not for people at high risk, but it's a good way for a lot of people to screen themselves who are still unwilling to get a colonoscopy.

GluWu ,

As someone linked, there is. You shit in a paint can for a week, send it in, then they make a poo smoothy and taste test for cancer.


Just to understand this correctly, prior to this you would have to have a very-personal and VERY-uncomfortable examination of your genitals, and even sometimes see a specialist instead of a gp, but now have a self-test as an option? If so, I can imagine that that would be incredibly preferable

FlyingSquid , avatar

This is a really good thing. Apart from the goal eventually being a home test-

Most primary care doctors don't perform pelvic exams, meaning patients traditionally have to go to a gynecologist-obstetrician (OB-GYN) if they want to screen for cervical cancer.

That's something their insurance might not cover. It also means free clinics can do it. My hope is this saves a lot of lives.

Neato , avatar

That's a good point. If there's a tool approved for patient-use, primary care may feel comfortable performing it if the patient isn't.

Kit ,

Going to the OBGYN as a very masculine transdude is horrible. I get so many confused looks and hateful stares. This is going to be a godsend.

peopleproblems , (edited )

I hope this doesn't attract heat, but I'm really struggling to figure out why you'd need to go to OBGYN is that just automatic or something?

Edit: Yeah my brain missed the small detail I'm an idiot

Captain_Buddha ,

The plumbing didn't change...

Kit ,

I haven't had a hysterectomy so I still need to have cancer screenings every couple years.

peopleproblems ,

I'm really sorry my brain just decided to completely skip what 'transdude' meant

unexposedhazard ,

"transdude" = was woman > now man

maybe that was your confusion?

peopleproblems ,

Yes apparently. My automatic thought was this person is man why would a man go there and yeah... I'm an idiot

Kit ,

I mean, I am a man.

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