Federation to lemmy.world restored. System response might slow as we sync back up.

yogthos ,
@yogthos@lemmy.ml avatar

US is basically idiocracy IRL at this point

fraksken ,

That looks like a guy who got his shit together.

The image may do more in favour of Biden than not, me thinks.

Kecessa ,

That's why they appropriated the meme, great move on their part!

yogthos ,
@yogthos@lemmy.ml avatar
@KLISHDFSDF@lemmy.ml avatar
fin ,

or use nitter

I’m surprised it’s real

empireOfLove2 ,
@empireOfLove2@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

I thought Nitter was dead when Musky finally killed off the API?

fin ,

Nah it’s revived somehow a while ago. I’m not sure how it works.

empireOfLove2 ,
@empireOfLove2@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

someone must have set up a scraping account.

SailorMoss , (edited )

They were saying that nitter may continue to work with already existing guest accounts for up to 30 days. That was around the end of January? I haven’t heard of anyone finding a workaround to the end of guest accounts. I may be out of the loop though.

Edit: This is the GitHub thread about the end of Nitter, as of this edit it doesn’t seem like they have found a work around. Apparently some instances will still work with an account but will probably be rate limited hard.

sin_free_for_00_days ,

Damn. The number of unhinged wingers on that thread is too high. Even with nitter, that site sucks.

AlligatorBlizzard ,

The worst fucker I spotted was Libs of TikTok, it's always a bad day when I'm reminded that they exist.

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