Wooohooo downvotes!

mbin is now federating downvotes so now i can see how much of the lemmyverse hates disagrees with me on my home instance.

i know down votes are a contentious subject in some places, but i welcome them as useful communicative flags.

.. also seems to have cleared up the messaging queues handling the dropping of those federated votes. things are flowing better.

Thorny_Insight ,

I turned off the scores and I already dislike this place less. Getting downvoted poisons my mind no matter how hard I try and convince me otherwise

originalucifer OP Admin ,
originalucifer avatar

sounds like a serious mental difficulty. i hope you find your better place. i know Beehaw.org is a very nice, non-votey place

Thorny_Insight ,

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  • originalucifer OP Admin ,
    originalucifer avatar

    kinda sounds like you need to get your house in order, so to speak

    being an intelligent human, you have the choice of who to be


    h3mlocke ,
    @h3mlocke@lemm.ee avatar


    e0qdk ,
    @e0qdk@kbin.social avatar

    Hmm, so federated downvotes from Lemmy are public now on mbin, not just local downvotes and federated upvotes. Interesting. Does mbin-mbin downvote federation work? kbin doesn't federate downvotes to you. (I checked -- for science! -- but switched back to an upvote afterwards.)

    originalucifer OP Admin ,
    originalucifer avatar

    i would expect mbin->mbin to honor the federated downvotes, assuming the newest version of mbin 1.30.current. definitely could use a good test though

    not sure who knows or not, but the 'bins also publicly make available a 'reputation score'. aka, karma. so even if you think youre living a karma free life over in lemmy, its calculated elsewhere.

    livus ,
    @livus@kbin.social avatar


    kbin doesn't federate downvotes to you

    Kbin doesn't federate downvotes to anyone. Our downvotes are only seen by each other.

    BonesOfTheMoon ,

    I'll follow you around and upvote you.

    SubArcticTundra ,
    @SubArcticTundra@lemmy.ml avatar

    Lemmy seems to downvote me far more than Reddit did so I turned votes off in my app. I was surprised how soothing it felt

    GBU_28 ,

    Lol I just take downvotes as confirmation at this point.

    As in: I'm upvoted by smart people and downvoted by idiots.

    I'm aware of the logical inconsistency of this position.

    FenrirIII ,
    @FenrirIII@lemmy.world avatar

    I only downvote idiots. You have been upvoted. So your logic is sound

    Blaze ,
    @Blaze@reddthat.com avatar

    Which app is that?

    SubArcticTundra ,
    @SubArcticTundra@lemmy.ml avatar


    shinigamiookamiryuu Mod ,

    Downvotes, what an oddity. I can boast I can count the ones I've given on a single hand.

    originalucifer OP Admin ,
    originalucifer avatar

    i am enjoying the public nature of the voting as downvotes now require consideration. i have noticed i use it far less than in the privately held voting systems like reddit.

    shinigamiookamiryuu Mod ,

    When you put it that way, it's weird in hindsight to think of everyone here calling Reddit toxic. People are the people around them, but now it's good I guess (if you ask me, I enjoy both sites).

    southsamurai ,
    @southsamurai@sh.itjust.works avatar

    Obligatory down vote given in support and celebration!

    Blaze ,
    @Blaze@reddthat.com avatar

    Nice to see Mbin progress!

    I use an instance free downvotes, but good to see that people have choice

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