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My pleasure!

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I agree with Pierre Poilievre: The next election should be about the carbon tax.

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Viability is subjective. You can take public transit but you chose not to because of the extra time it takes, not because it's not possible.

Driving less doesn't mean not driving at all. If you have to drive some portion and transit the rest, that's still less driving.

If you chose to live far from work, then you've placed yourself in a difficult position so don't expect the city to conjure up a bus route just for you. Living closer to work or working closer to home are options but you'd likely find a reason to not do either.

At what point would the city add more buses? Before you decide to take more transit? That's nonsensical. Demand comes first, not supply.

rbesfe ,

I think the carbon tax is an important part of our climate strategy, but we shouldn't let it dominate the election like PP wants it to. Keep the focus on how the parties would actually run the government, because so far the cons can't seem to come up with an answer for that.

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