Pants the Raven ( )

A post from tumblr user gorjee-art:
"a raven father (i call him 'pants') I've been
feeding sometimes likes to sit outside my
window and either wait for more food or
just listen to the stuff I'm watching while I
draw. Today's a colder day so he likes to
fluff up a bit, and I kid you not:
[a drawing of a crow with feathers so puffed up they look like pants]
this is an accurate representation of my view"
[two pictures of the raven, one almost identical to the drawing and one where the raven is slightly less puffed up]
"Pants sure is pantsing today"

Kolanaki , avatar
nicknonya OP , avatar

"steal his look"

x4740N ,

The floof gets the scoop

  • Something that came to mind when seeing the image
TheRealLinga ,

You should be a reporter!

samus12345 , avatar
RinseDrizzle ,

Woah, memories.

We grow up so fast.

casmael ,

Man feathers seem highly convenient

HappyFrog ,

Yeah, woman feathers are more cumbersome

mindbleach ,

The drawing fails to capture his plague-doctor brow.

Kowowow ,

No it looks closer to the brow of a pixar dad like cloudy with a chance of meatballs

brown567 ,

I love it!

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