chevalier26 , to Random avatar

@actuallyautistic Anyone ever tell you that you were being "too negative" or a "Debby downer" when stating facts about something? Just happened to me earlier with my family. In this case it was reasons why I prefer not to travel often (routine change haha). The whole time I was thinking, "but I'm not trying to be negative..."

Sci_Fi_FanGirl , avatar

@chevalier26 @actuallyautistic Nice that they gave a warning. I would have fled as well. But people actually seem to enjoy this sort of thing.

Talked to friend the other day. He said in his church they now use animated backgrounds on their lyrics slides. "Why would you do that? It's so distracting!" - "Because we can." 🙄

chevalier26 OP , avatar

@Sci_Fi_FanGirl @actuallyautistic My church at home does the same, and I agree that it is incredibly distracting.

I'm the kind of person who gets more value from reading lyrics instead of singing them anyways, so it makes it even harder to focus.

Susan60 , to ActuallyAutistic group avatar

Just saw an interesting post by someone missing the simplicity of their childhood. I know that most people wear rose coloured glasses when they’re feeling nostalgic, but I wonder how many autistic people read such posts & think, “No way!”?

I had lots of fun & interesting times during my childhood & adolescence, but there was also so much complexity, confusion & distress. Learning to mask made it easier. I could at least pretend to understand what was going on & therefore attract less negative attention.

calofost , avatar

@Susan60 @actuallyautistic ha! Hadn't thought of my childhood nostalgically... it is far too loaded with dark clouds. Maybe that's why I'm one of the few ppl out there embracing ageing! I'm happier now than I've ever been, though life is far from perfect.

calofost , avatar

@Susan60 @actuallyautistic I get paid, paid! 🤯, for deep diving into one of my (and probably my most longstanding) special interests! Bliss! I do realise my luck.

Miro_Collas , to palestine group avatar

Israeli Knesset votes to approve bill that would designate UNRWA a terror organisation - YouTube

Seriously? Holy crap!

"Israel's parliament has voted to approve a bill that would designate the UN's agency for Palestinian refugees as a terrorist organisation.
The bill also calls for a complete severing of ties from UNRWA. ...
The bill still needs to clear several more steps before being implemented."


kindness , avatar

@LetsRoc @Miro_Collas @ogalachowski @palestine i'll pass that along to my hasbara unit commander.

LetsRoc , avatar
georgetakei , to Random avatar

Talk about sticker shock!

josephpmh ,

@georgetakei I hate it when an 8-yr old is in front of me.

That_Damn_Frank , avatar


Holds the rust together?

georgetakei , to Random avatar

She's just not in her element.

nsushkin , avatar

@georgetakei LOL. The girl knows her country codes. The teacher missed that Ca is not Cobalt though.

j3rn , avatar

@georgetakei Ford F150 got me 😂

emarktaylor , to baseball group avatar

@baseball @baseball

Well, well ....

Via Bob Nightengale 🤖 @BNightengale

Ángel Hernández to retire: Much-maligned MLB umpire calling it quits

emarktaylor OP , avatar
stumblewyk , avatar
georgetakei , to Random avatar

Why are they so hard to clean?!

gregsbrain , avatar

@georgetakei garlic is sticky. Just smash it and chop it. Who needs useless gadgets anyhow?

bartvdpoel , avatar

@georgetakei Leave the peel on on one side, and you can more easily remove the remains.

emarktaylor , to baseball group avatar

@baseball @baseball

fbi agent nicolas cage and former mlb manager sean connery have to team up and infiltrate the abandoned Oakland Coliseum to stop angel hernandez and his unit of elite shitty umpires to stop him from calling balls and strikes during a world series game

emarktaylor OP , avatar

@RuthODay @baseball @baseball

Folks have been very busy this evening posting very entertaining content.

stevenray , avatar
NotImpressed , to palestine group avatar


"Anyone who’s been following the Gaza genocide on social media today will be seeing this phrase “legally killed child” alongside footage of children ripped apart by Israeli military explosives"
"The Gaza media office reports that the attack took place next to an UNRWA logistics base, which is about as clear an answer to the UN court’s order to cease its genocidal massacres in Rafah as you could possibly ask for"

somekindahate3 , avatar

@immibis @palestine @Blinxeto @NotImpressed @TheAtlantic lmao that's like saying "does the solution involve not praying"? No, both praying and voting are completely IRRELEVANT and always have been.

Slavery wasn't abolished through voting, labor rights weren't achieved through voting, segregation wasn't achieved through voting. If you are looking for a prepackaged "solution", then you're part of the problem. Liberals have always been the largest obstacle to liberation because they'd rather PRETEND they're effecting change through bullshit performative rituals like voting, and not going through any of the actual discomfort and sacrifice required to actually do anything real.

Much worse than the fascists have always been the liberals, who will sacrifice the world for comfort.

ganjajukes , avatar

@immibis @somekindahate3 @Blinxeto @NotImpressed @palestine @TheAtlantic I don't think it's equivalent to voting red, and I don't think that Trump is functionally worse than Biden. The problem is this duopoly which has deep political funding ties to Wall St. this is the least support it's ever gotten and even though Jill Stein is a bit of an anti nuke kook, nuclear power in America is so sketchy I almost understand it, and another 3rd party candidate like RFK Jr. (who BTW killed his wife and disposed of her suicide note) splitting off the reds and blues is actually good enough to put greens in range of a debate. Ross Perot a 3rd partier got 20% in a far more entrenched duopoly and 26% isn't that far away with 4 wacko elderly candidates. At least she would resoundingly condemn the genocide, moreso than Bernie ever will being a Hamas-bashing weirdo.

stumblewyk , to baseball group avatar

Me hearing the news that Angel Hernandez is retiring @baseball

Baby dances enthusiastically

Silverwynde , avatar
stevenray , avatar

@Silverwynde @stumblewyk @baseball hahahaha nice one.

emarktaylor , to baseball group avatar
emarktaylor OP , avatar

@Tim_Eagon @baseball @baseball

I really did just laugh out loud.

Tim_Eagon , avatar

@emarktaylor @baseball @baseball Then my job here is done!

jake4480 , to movies avatar

2024 marks the 45th anniversary of one of the ultimate sci-fi horror masterpieces. Alien was released May 25, 1979.


An angry alien Xenomorph comin at ya, bro. You're probably dead

AskPippa , avatar

@jake4480 @horror 45 years?? OMG, how did that happen?! I saw it again a couple of years ago -- it's still a great movie.

jake4480 OP , avatar

@AskPippa @horror ha! And for real. I've seen it so many times - and all the sequels. And the prequel! 🤣 and now there's a new one coming. Wild

plink , to News avatar
Captain_Jack_Sparrow , avatar

@plink @palestine @israel

What about the 35000 civilian deaths already caused in Gaza, all the journalists and doctors murdered by the and the deliberate starvation of Gaza - all part of Netanyahus planned genocide. Is he also calling them "tragic accidents" ?

fuck that evil piece of shit and anyone who supports him.

InternetDev , avatar

@plink @palestine @israel

Il finira par s'étrrangler de ses mensonges.

georgetakei , to Random avatar
samhkennedy , avatar

@georgetakei Kind of overwhelming the responses but I like the money idea.

josephpmh ,

@georgetakei I'm old enough and blessed enough to have to daughters and two in-laws. Generally, we're in sync, but I always give permission to tell me to Saint Francis University ().

RememberUsAlways , to palestine group avatar

If there is no deal to rescue then there will be no .

will not stop pounding now as the sympathy in the and around the world try to extract demands using hostage and martyr.

I can't blame Israel for their actions now. The legacy media world has taken the side of Hamas. Israel has nothing to lose and no one will stop them.

Certainly not the nations LoL. The Muslim world abandoned .

TruthSandwich , avatar

@RememberUsAlways @8124 @knowprose @louis @palestine @israel

Change such as this only comes as a consequence of failure.

RememberUsAlways OP , avatar


From within. This is happening quietly between Iran and Saudi Arabia.
@8124 @knowprose @louis @palestine @israel

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